Why write an advance directive? There's a beautiful quote from Dr. Ira Byock, a leader in end-of-life care: "I have an Advance Directive not because I have a serious illness but because I have a family." If you became incapacitated, would your family know your wishes for care? Advance care planning can guide them about your wishes for end-of-life care.

That's the why, but what about the how? Choices That Matter Community Conversation can educate you, help you start the conversation with your family and friends, assist the paperwork, and make sure copies are where they need to be.


A little history

Advance Directive facts and forms

Some helpful articles to read

"Optimizing Healthcare Choices for Difficult Times" - published by the Penobscot Bay Press

"A Tale of Two Deaths" - published by the Penobscot Bay Press

"Having the Conversation" - published in the Your Health Matters column by the Penobscot Bay Press

"A Better Way to Care for the Dying" - published in The Economist

"What Is Palliative Care?" - by Zoe Tenney, FNP, from Blue Hill Memorial Hospital


How Choices That Matter Can Help

Planning Resources

Myths and Facts About Health Care Advance Directives - Commission on the Law & Aging

Conversation Project Starter Kit

Conversation Project Starter Kit for People with Dementia


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