2014–present - Janet Lewis, Executive Director

  • Healthy Families
    • Early Childhood Interest Group.
    • Maine Community Foundation Early Childhood Planning Grant (2018-19)
  • Healthy Eating
    • Magic Food Bus expands to Penobscot in 2016, Brooksville in 2017, and Brooklin in 2019.
    • Community Garden Project (2016).
    • Garden Camps at Brooksville Elementary School (2017-2019).
    • Virginia Wellington Cabot grant to support Garden Camp at Brooksville and Penobscot Elementary Schools (2018).
    • United Way of Eastern Maine (2017 & 2018) and Maine Farmland Trust (2018) grants to support Healthy Eating activities.
    • Grants from the Quimby Family Foundation (2019 & 2020) to support our activities in mitigating food insecurity in the communities we serve.
    • Food security screenings and resource promotion for seniors as part of EMHS's Partnerships to Improve Community Health
  • Healthy Aging
    • Thriving in Place Downeast (TiPD) implementation grant for 3 years, 2014–2017.
    • Choices That Matter Community Conversations—advance care planning for peace of mind (2017).
    • Age-Friendly Coastal Communities, in collaboration with AARP Maine and the nine towns of our service area (2017-present).
    • Catalyzing Rural Health Transformation, MeHAF planning grant (2018), in collaboration with Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital.
    • Accelerating Rural Health Transformation, MeHAF Community Paramedicine Project implementation grant (2019), in collaboration with Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital.
    • Worked with Friends in Action to create the Visit with Friends Senior Coffeehouse in Blue Hill.
  • Development and maintenance of Community Resource Guide in collaboration with Blue Hill Memorial Hospital
  • Healthy Peninsula becomes a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization (2016)

2013–2014 - Barbara Peppey, Interim Director

  • Thriving in Place planning grant from Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF)
  • Magic Food Bus, Farms and Families
  • Early Childhood Work Group
  • Funding from Blue Hill Memorial Hospital and Eastern Maine Healthcare System

2012–2013 - Denise Black, Director

  • Early Childhood Work Group conference 2013
  • Magic Food Bus (expanded to Blue Hill 2013)
  • Funding from Blue Hill Memorial Hospital

2009–2012 - Amy Vaughn, Director

  • Ready By 21—Real World 101, Mentoring
  • Magic Food Bus (started in 2011 in Sedgwick, 2012 Deer Isle/Stonington)
  • Early Childhood Work Group and Conferences (2011, 2012)
  • Healthy Peninsula loses HMP status and funding in December 2011
  • Healthy Peninsula Board decides to continue its work with private funding

2001–2009 - Barbara Peppey, Director

  • Healthy Peninsula started as a Healthy Maine Partnership (one of 31 in the state and 4 in Hancock County)
  • Funding is solely from state
  • Mandated priorities are: obesity, nutrition, exercise, child/school health, tobacco and drug (primarily alcohol) use prevention
  • School health curriculum
  • Good Food Project—mini-grants for greenhouses and gardens