Healthy Peninsula

Who Is Healthy Peninsula?
We are part of a community of caring that includes wise villagers, skilled service providers, and a legion of dedicated volunteers. We are there for everyone, from precious newborn to valued elder, and we are dedicated to helping ensure good health at all stages of their lives. We are collaborators, we are innovators, and we are good listeners.

What is Healthy Peninsula?
Healthy Peninsula takes the best of what our communities already offer and links services together in ways that reflect what communities want. Over the years, we’ve helped create a number of successful community-owned programs, including the Magic Food Bus, Sedgwick Head Start, Friendship Cottage, Ready by 21, Farmers and Families, and, most recently, Thriving in Place Downeast. We believe that anything is possible when open minds and good hearts come together.

Where is Healthy Peninsula?
These days, we’re working on three main initiatives: Healthy Families, Healthy Eating, and Healthy Aging. You’ll find us popping up all over the place, bringing community members and experts together at community breakfasts and meetings to talk about issues important to us all. We might be interviewing you or your neighbor to find out what people really need to stay healthy. We might be sitting at a computer updating a resource guide or on the floor with children at a playgroup. We’re where you need us to be.